Onesong – Chapter 39

Yesterday was an amazing day with the release of Prince of the Ruined Land. One of my friends (who loves reading the weekly Onesong chapters and got hooked in the Sacred Knight series because of it), presented me with this:

Handmade box and a donut (a bismark because “like a book you never know what you’re going to get on the inside”) courtesy of Sally & CJ Tverdy — thank you!

She’d already been up the night before beginning to read the first chapter here on my blog, then went to her Kindle when she received a notification that the book had downloaded to her device. She was already into chapter 2.

Others contacted me and let me know how excited they were about the book being out. I had notifications buzzing at me about the book going out over a variety of distribution sites. I discovered followers I didn’t even know I had. I just sat there kind of amazed and dumbfounded by the whole thing. Wow! I was so jazzed I couldn’t even focus.

Thank you to all of you for reading, whether here on my blog, my books, or both. Knowing someone out there is excited for the next installment is what keeps me going. My job isn’t done until someone reads it.

Lesson: when I have a major release, I better just not plan on getting anything done that day unless I turn off the world first. If I’d had the time yesterday, I don’t think I couldn’t sat down to write.  At least not until evening. But I had other obligations, so I didn’t even have to worry about trying.

Today, however, I get a moment to recuperate from tax season. I’m going to hang out with my dogs, write, and start getting the next couple of stories together. Eggs at Play (my children’s book) is scheduled for May release and I’d really like to have a print book to go along with that. Mystery of the Stardust Monk (which you’ll get a first look at the cover soon) is next up on the agenda, followed by a Loki novella. Things are in the pipeline — just need to get to it.

So, let’s get you to the chapter. (grin)

Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 39 is available for 1 week only! Then it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear! 

Onesong front cover2 small


by Dawn Blair

Chapter 39

This chapter of Onesong was available for one week only and has now turned back into a pumpkin. If you missed it, click on the links below to find it or another great story to read. There’s also another free story or story excerpt somewhere around my blog – I try to post something new every Wednesday. Hunt the story down, read, and enjoy!


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Onesong – copyright © 2017/2018 Dawn Blair

Published by Morning Sky Studios
Cover and layout copyright © 2017 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art “Looking Toward Yesterday” copyright © Dawn Blair

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