Progress – April 23, 2018

It’s been a good week and I feel almost human again. I did spend the first part of the week all scattered and distracted, but as it progressed I got myself together.

Prince of the Ruined Land was released and I got my print books just a few days later. This made me able to fill orders pretty fast and that made me happy.

I finished my review edits of the sixth Loki novella, designed a cover, sent the book package to my reader (since I’m trying to not be behind the 8 ball in publishing any more), argued (grin) with my reader about the cover, debated, and decided she was right. I haven’t put together the official cover yet, but I’m certain there will be a reveal soon. 

I also got Mystery of the Stardust Monk put together. I merely need to select a publication date now. But, as recent lessons have taught me, I need to cool my jets. Yes, I do remember that lesson – as evident from my 8 ball reference above. As much as I wanted to get it all up online and have it marked “Go!” I paused to breathe. SHE CAN BE TAUGHT! I do still have things to work through and review. So I wait and relax.

I’m close to finishing Onesong. I was really hoping to get it done this last weekend, but I also didn’t want to rush it. So much rides on the ending of Onesong. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but must mold with the Sacred Knight series. There’s no other option. I have written the ending, but it suffered from end-of-book-itis badly. Now I feel like I’m writing the expanded edition. (grin) There are several elements that are changed, since I fed some of the story lines revealed here earlier into the book. But there are some clever things happening, so it won’t be a total rewrite. I’m prepared to be amazed.

Trust the process.

In finishing both the Loki novella and Onesong (or nearly here), I’m looking forward to getting started on the next projects. I’m thinking I’ll go to review editing on Let’s Make a Deal next — that’ll give me time to finish Onesong and move it to review editing. But I don’t know what I’ll start or restart writing yet. I have choices. I don’t think I’m ready to return to the other half of the story that spun off from Onesong. I also don’t feel ready to work on the 5th Sacred Knight book; it needs a cooling period. There’s Stonecharmer, but I think it needs a bit more time to roll around in my brain. So this leaves Siva’s story (which I haven’t worked on in quite some time, but is nearly complete) or Elliot’s story (which is another chunk of the Onesong/Sacred Knight stories). I guess I also have Dragons of Wellsdeep (a novel about Moonhunter) that is close to being finished. So, three stories to pick from. Honestly, I probably should finish up Dragons of Wellsdeep. This would give me time to rework an old romance novel (a historical) and finish Siva’s story, which is a science fantasy romance . That way I could put out the two about the same time and neither one would feel out of place among my other books.

Thanks for listening to the publishing thoughts going around in my head. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but writing it out helps with clarifying some of the rumblings. After the last few intense months, it’s nice to finally be clearing things out and looking forward again.

Fiction words written last week: 5,304 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1.586 words

Score a big #2 for my weekly word count streak.

Writing month to date total:  14,380 words

Writing year to date total: 110,157 words

Drawing/painting last week: I worked on Weblinks for a half an hour. Still not quite in my new morning grove.

Audio: I spent almost 5 hours editing audio.

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