New development on Onesong

It’s been an interesting couple of days for Onesong.

I finalized the cover idea for Onesong. I’ve basically spent time the last two mornings on it — time I usually reserve for audiobook work and editing, but my artist child wouldn’t leave me alone. I am still working on the title, though I think I have it now. Not completely sure. I want to live with it for a moment.

I have also been looking at where to divide the story. I suspect it’ll be two novels, each about 70,000 words. Looking at the dividing point, it would be somewhere around chapter 20 and I do have a great spot. It’s where Nyree tells Rivic to walk the path.

It was as I woke up this morning that I realized Walk the Path might make a good title for it. I am still open to suggestions though. If any of you, especially the readers who have been with me since near the beginning, have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

It was also as I woke up this morning that I realized what was bugging me about the ending. I went back to it and, using the time I usually use for editing, wrote that section in.

I, of course, also thought of another major scene that I need to add in. I’m certain that there are more too that will come.

Overall, some of the important decisions are now made. Now to whip this manuscript into shape.