Sacred Knight box set coming soon

I’m so excited and I can’t keep this under wraps any longer. I swear you can probably hear me squealing right now!

Box sets for the ebooks of the Sacred Knight series are coming – I hope to have them up by this weekend.

I still have a couple things to finalize, but I thought I’d show you the covers.

So, on Amazon, because of their limitations on ebooks (boo!), the box set will include books 1-3 (Quest for the Three Books, Manifest the Magic, To Birth a Destiny).

The Three Books-2

On other platforms (Kobo being one of them) where I don’t have the same limitations that Amazon has, I will be releasing a different box set. This one will include books 1-4 (Quest for the Three Books, Manifest the Magic, To Birth a Destiny, and Prince of the Ruined Land) and will include History of a Dead Man.

Sacred Knight

It’s a great time to be gifting books for friends and family who you want to read the series and bring them on the epic fantasy quest you enjoyed.

As Ellis once said, “What’s life without a little adventure?”

Stay tuned here. I will post links as soon as these start to go live with the various distributors.

UPDATE: I have released the box set of 4 plus the novella History of a Dead Man on Kobo.

Beyond that, I’m not sure I’m ready to release it yet. I might wait until it’s complete. I know, I know… that means I need to get it written. This isn’t a decision that I’ve come to lightly. I’ve had to take several factors into consideration. Additionally, Kobo is the only platform that currently allows decent sorting of titles. Since I had thrown this out there, I wanted to make sure that readers did have one option to get the book I had promised.  The more I looked at these covers, the more I liked the second one that had the four titles together. So, I’m going to continue working one all the books until I can release a complete box set.

Of course, tomorrow I might change my mind. One never knows.