This just in – Salt Lake Gaming Con

Hello, fellow adventurers!

Pop goes the show!

What’s that all about, you ask. Well, I was reserving July 6th and 7th on my calendar because the weekend after the 4th of July is typically held open for a show I like to participate in. Guess that doesn’t count when the 4th is so close to the weekend. Maybe I’m just a little off since I didn’t do the show last year – remember the little voice telling me that I couldn’t do any shows until September (and then the reason why I kept getting that feeling).

Anyway, so I had this date all cleared. Then I get my application and it is for the same date that Wizard World Boise is going on (that’s July 13th-15th in Boise, Idaho). Unfortunately, I still haven’t learned how to be in two places at once. I am glad, however, that I read and thought about the dates on the application before filling it out and sending it in. 

So, here I was without a show on the 6th and 7th and my brain (that little voice again) telling me that I NEEDED to be doing a show that weekend.

Pop goes the show.

Right into my email box came a show application for Salt Lake Gaming Con for that weekend.


So, just two short days after the 4th of July, I will be in Sandy, Utah, for the show.

It’s my first gaming convention, so I’m excited to see how it differs from a comic convention. I suspect, not much, will be my answer, but I’m prepared to be surprised. I just hope no one asks me gaming questions because my answer will have to be “Galaga” and “Wind blows!” Yes, he thought no one would notice. Thank you, Iron Man, for pointing it out to everyone. I thought no one but me remembered Galaga. It always chapped my hide when someone knocked my high score off the machine in Lovelock. That wasn’t supposed to happen. As for Wind blows, that’s because I’m a “master” with Ryu in Street Fighter and his head band always blows in the wind after he wins (causing the once man in my life to start saying “Wind blows” every time he lost to me).  If only he could see how purely wicked I am with Raphael from Soul Calibur 4. Plus, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve tricked Adrian into letting me play Splatoon and Minecraft — I know, I know, I’m probably the only person who hasn’t played Minecraft! Okay, so I hope I know enough to slice my way through the gaming jungles of time and space.

Hope to see you there.