Progress – July 16, 2018

Color me exhausted!

I just can’t seem to recover from Salt Lake Gaming Con. This week seemed like I didn’t have a moment to have some downtime and relax. It wasn’t like I was busy, even though I got a lot done — more on that to come. I headed into Wizard World Boise already tired.

I did get to catch up with some friends at Wizard World Boise, plus I made new friends and talked to lots of people. That was great fun.

In getting ready for the show, I didn’t get a whole lot done on anything else during the week in-between. My word count last week was pathetic. I thought I’d at least have some time to write in the car as my son drove (which he did, but I didn’t write at all) or in the hotel room before and after the con (which I tried on Saturday morning, but I was so tired nothing was flowing and after the con I was way too exhausted to do anything but have dinner and go to bed, where I crashed quickly and slept well).

Here’s Loki showing his support:


At least I have a break for  a while. Now, I can get back to writing and editing. I need to stay mindful of the things I need to do for the September shows so I don’t get bogged down all at once. I need to keep the flow even. I guess that’s really how I need to work on disciplining myself now.

I’m going to keep this short  and sweet for now so that I can go get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow I can start to get caught up on my rest. Possibly not.

Fiction words written last week: 259 words. Yep, that’s pathetic. That’s barely a quarter of what one day should be.

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  836 words. Well, that’s closer to one day’s worth. These word would not have gotten done if I hadn’t been so pressed to get them out for you to read, so thank you for reading and keeping me on task!

Weekly word goal reached for 0 weeks. That’s two in a row. Boo! Hiss!

Writing month to date total:  5,737 words

Writing year to date total: 175,446 words

Drawing/painting last week: None, but boy did I get inspired this weekend. More on that to come.

Audio: I spent 1 hour editing audio. Yep, 1 hour. I was even using my usually scheduled audiobook time for other things this week (or sleeping – yes, you heard me, sleeping. I really needed it).

And sleeping is what I’m going to go do now.