One week until FanX

I’m gearing up already for FanX next week. I half wish it were this week as I’m ready to go. I’m ready to get back out and share my stories with people. I’ve been by some amazing people at cons this year.

One of them was Thomas Estrada, who was one of the animators on several beloved films.


We met at Salt Lake Gaming Con earlier this year. It was fun to watch people’s faces as they realized he’d help to animate one of their favorite films.

We talked about animation for a bit. I was glad that I’d had my little foray into animation so I could actually ask intelligent questions to him. It also made me want to get back to my animation. (Time!) He’s fortunate enough to have someone else set up all the assets with their rigging (basically, that means that someone has already drawn the character and set up how they move), and Thomas makes that “asset” act in the scene. It’s probably a way oversimplification of what he does (you know, it sounds easier than it is), but I think he’s got the fun part.

His lovely wife makes jewelry and items to go with his art. I was surprised that she makes of them herself rather than outsourcing them to be made. We chatted about her inspirations on her pieces as well as the experimentation she’s gone through in figuring out what works best. I always love talking with people who are passionate creators, and Cathy (I hope she spells her name that way) is definitely one of them.

Thomas will also be at FanX.

Yes, it’s going to be good to catch up with people I’ve met this year. I’m so excited. Are we ready to go yet?