One does not walk

As a Lord of Dubinshire

I am often asked which of my books is my favorite.

Unfair question! (grin)

For starters, it’s akin to asking which of your children is your favorite. Secondly, the excitement is always tied up in the books a writer is currently working on, not the ones that are published. Once I’m satisfied with an adventure and its released, I’m moving on to the next one. Now, since I usually write 3-5 different stories at a time, yes, I do have a favorite at that point — it’s always the one being the easiest to write!

However, when pressed for an answer, at this moment in time, my favorite is To Birth a Destiny. Granted, one has to read the first 2 book in the series to get there, but it is the book I love. 

The quote above is from To Birth a Destiny. I really like it because up until this point in the story Ithanes has shown himself to be a powerful and nearly arrogant ruler of Dubinshire. Not that he’s mean, because it’s more of a confidence that Ithanes has. Steigan always feels a little under Ithanes’ thumb. This is the first time that Ithanes shows that he really does have respect for something else.

It was Ithanes’ subtle way of telling Steigan to be prepared. Okay, so I think Ithanes also was trying to impress Steigan too, which of course works because Steigan realizes that Gohaldinest is probably a terrifying place if Ithanes feels that way about it.  Steigan already feels the ancient powers that creep into the land of Dubinshire, which was built on top of Gohaldinest.

So, do we dare go into Gohaldinest now? (grin)