One week until Snake River Fandom Con

I have more business cards (I thought I might run out at FanX!) and I have restocked my books. I have new labels for the backs of my paintings. I think I’m ready to go.

Snake River Fandom Con — let’s do this!

As I mentioned when I wrote my post for FanX a few weeks ago, one of the best thing about conventions is getting to meet up with people I’ve gotten to know at other shows. FanX was so busy that I didn’t get away to visit as much as I would have liked to. I did meet some great new people, as previously discussed, but I couldn’t visit with others as much as I wanted. And by the end of the day, I’m tired, hungry, and want to go get some sleep. I’m old!

I like participating in smaller cons, like Snake River Fandom Con in Pocatello, ID, because it’s not such a hectic pace. I will get to visit with people a bit more.

I’d like to introduce you now to one of my friends who will be there in Pocatello, Jeff Stagg. Jeff and I met several years ago at FanX (then called Salt Lake Comic Con). We were a line of three writers (with another writer, who had sci-fi stories) and we were bouncing people between us. I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It was really great to link arms with other writers, especially since our stories were so vastly different that we could “refer” pretty easily. If someone came up and said that they wanted scary, thriller type stuff, I’d send them to Jeff. If someone told him that they liked fantasy, he sent them down to me. Yeah, I thought it worked really well.

Now Jeff and I have seen each other at several cons since then. He’s always got a warm smile and a story. I actually got to meet his beautiful wife, though she was his fiancee then, last year at Snake River Fandom Con. She came up to visit with him while he was on the road and to help him with his booth. When he was telling me about her before she got there, his face just lit up with joy as he spoke about her. It was wonderful to see. And I haven’t forgotten it.

I invite you to stop by and visit with Jeff, check out his stories. Yes, draw a little closer to the campfire because you never know what’s watching you from the woods.