Progress – October 1, 2018

I can’t believe we’re sitting at October already. Where has the year gone?

Okay, it’s still only September 30th as I write this, knowing it will post tomorrow morning. But by my clock, we’re about an hour and a half away.

Snake River Fandom Con is wrapped up for this year. I am signed up to attend next year. It will be earlier in September. I’ll be sending a list of my 2019 shows in a later newsletter, as well as updating on my websites when I have a moment. Right now, the con in Pocatello was my last show of the year, though I do hope to find another one or two before this year closes out. Heck, I still have one who box of books that I haven’t even opened up yet, so I want to do that before year end.

After the show, I had dinner with my boys, one of which lives in Pocatello right now while he’s going to school. That’s another thing that makes SRFC so nice because I get to spend some extra time with my baby.

Then, Adrian and I drove home. He’s got work tomorrow. I’ve got to go get the dogs and get things settled, so I’m betting that Monday, when this posts, is going to be another busy day. 

I am so pleased to say that I did get my daily words in each day while I was at the con. I even got in morning workouts in the pool. My watch is so pleased with me because I reached my intensity minutes for the week, though it is frowning because I didn’t get all my steps in. I did walk from the hotel to the show each day — it was only a couple blocks away, so why not?

I will post pictures and more about the show when I’m not so tired. I met so many great people (including so many inspiring artists) and I have so many things to share which I’m excited about, but I can’t do it right now without being up half the night getting links and transferring pictures. I just don’t have the energy for that right now. But I will, soon.

Along that note, I’ve been thinking about making Friday a sharing day, where I share the work of another creative that I’ve met along the way or whose work I like. If you’re interested in seeing that, let me know. I’ve done a few already and they’ve been well received. I want to do more.

I did put out some pictures already with Loki visiting various booths on my Instagram and Twitter pages. I’ll probably re-run some of those just to expand the audience. Some will be here, but if you want to see them now, you can jump over to those pages.

Now that things will settle down a bit for the rest of the year, I’m looking forward to catching up on some items that have needed fixed. I think about them at every show, but I never take the time to do them. Now I’m going to take that chance. For example, I need to find a better way to announce that a certain title has an audiobook version. I’ve had these big sticky notes attached to cards. But then they fall off. Or my dangling sleeves catch on them. Or something. So I’ll be figuring that out. I also need to get another banner made.

Little things. (grin)

And get back to editing some stories. It’s time to get things in the pipeline for publication in 2019.

As for audiobooks, I am nearly finished with the audio on For Sale, Call Loki. I really hope to have it posted so that the audio comes out somewhere near the end of October. Cross your fingers.

Well, I think that’s really all the updates I have for now. Let’s get the numbers.

Fiction words written last week:  5,152 words.

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  887 words.

Daily word goal reached for 51 days. Weekly word goal reached for 10 weeks.

Writing month to date total:  30,565 words

Writing year to date total: 247,805 words

Drawing/painting last week: No painting this week, but I draw. Also got very inspired by artists at SRFC.

Audio: I spent 2 hours recording and editing audio.