He was a traitor


Even though I haven’t been working on the 5th book very much lately, this series is still “my baby.” I know Steigan’s life from birth to death. I know how his family and friends mourn him. Not all of this is in the books — partially because I have promised that the series here will have a happy ending and because I don’t like stories where the characters die.

Yeah, now you know my only issue with Rogue One!

So maybe I don’t know all the details of Steigan’s life — I did have to write History of a Dead Man from Annae’s point of view to learn what Steigan refused to tell me. Let’s just say that now that I know, he’s been more forthcoming with his life. Yes, writing from another character’s point of view helped to flesh the series out. I think that might be why I’ve been busy working on Cirvel’s story; once I get a hold of his motivations, the fifth and sixth books should become easier. I already know Rivic’s story. Oh, yeah, this series is the base of a very large tree that is growing. I’m so excited for readers to catch up to where I’m at in all the adventures.

Too bad I’ll be along on another one and wishing I could write faster so the reader could be right there with me.

Well, I’m going to dash along now. I itch to get back to that adventure. You know, you can’t hold me back for long. (grin!)

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