Glad to be a creator

This is now the fifth time I’ve started this blog post. The writing is not coming easily today and emotions are getting in the way.

I wish to send my thoughts to Stan Lee’s family and friends. While I never actually had the chance to meet him, my son ran into him several times at conventions. I would like to think that we would’ve gotten along quite well, both of us being creators and all.

I am thankful that I get to be a creator. Even on days when the writing isn’t going well. I know this too will pass. It, more than likely, is actually a stalling period right before a major idea strikes. Pregnant women often talk about how the baby stops moving right before it’s born, as if the child is conserving energy. Well, that didn’t happen with either of mine that I recall, but I know it happens with ideas. Usually there is a short time where I feel lacking all creativity. Then, suddenly, BANG! The story is out of the gate.

Before I heard about Lee’s death, I actually had a good flow of creativity. I received the title for the 6th Sacred Knight story, which I’m sure I will share later — I don’t want to take the energy out of it now. I also had a feeling about what scenes needed to quit rolling around in my head and go into the book. That felt like a huge relief to suddenly not have to worry about some thing going into The Missing Thread.

I wish I had more time to work on it. I think that’s a curse of the creator. We always want to be so much further ahead than we are. Onto the next book the next comic, the next movie, the next video, the next painting, etc. We wish we could push other things aside to chase the things we are creating.

We all have 168 hours per week. Even if you work a full-time job which takes up 40 hours, that still leaves you with 128. If you spend 20 hours creating, then you still have 108 hours to eat, sleep, be with your family, and get your coffee. This is a hard concept for people to grasp, and not one that most people like to have pointed out to them. I get it. It’s not enough time still. I want more. I’m greedy. ‘

But let’s face it: if you can’t manage to find 20 hours in that 128, there is no way you will find 40 in 168 if you don’t have discipline.

Oh, there’s an evil word: discipline. Yeah, being a creator means you have to have self-direction in your life. You have to be able to boss yourself and free up your schedule. Oh no, here’s a thought: cut out the social media.

More and more, I really think I want to cut out the social media in my life. I rotate between platforms, choosing one over another for a while, then going back around. I’m still not sure it’s worth it. That’s when I have to remind myself that I need to get back to creating.

Much like we are all born into this world, we must all die and leave it. No one knows how much time we’re allotted. Some don’t have long at all, and some make it to 95. But every day we choose what we create in our lives. Yes, we create it – the good and the bad. We decide what we are going to bring in, what we are going to throw out, where we draw the line, and what we want more of. We make up our minds and that mindset becomes the stage for our lives. We can change everything in a heartbeat by making the decision to change. Not always simple, but necessary if we don’t like where we are at. We dictate each moment of our lives until we pass through the door of death.

I love telling stories. I hope I get to continue my creations until this body gives out on me. I have time to make up for — time I regrettably know I lost in folly. But I will no longer let years pass by while I bemoan not having more time. That is a double waste.

And the featured image for this post reminds me that I really need to get back to Rockin’ Life.

Rockin' Life 15
Now you can read Rockin’ Life at its new home:

Are you willing to quit letting time slip needlessly away? If you aren’t where you want to be in your life, what are you going to change? What decision needs to be remade?

I wish you the best of luck on that course, until we all cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Until then, excelsior!