Feeling a little bad today

I love writing about courageous characters. I have such a longing for people to be virtuous.

But every now and then, I like to look deeper into the mind of something gone wrong. Of course, novihomidraks (humans born of the dragon) are generally so noble, that when things go wrong with them, it gets a little bad, which can be fun. It also gives me great insights into their world.

Let’s go take a look at two of them.

bad novihomidraks.png

Fractured Echo, a novihomidrak born too soon, and the memory of her early childhood isn’t completely wiped. But who is she when she doesn’t remember being her? Print, ebook, and audiobook editions available.

Fall’s Confession, a novihomidrak who looks like an angels, but whose deeds make him more a devil.  Every day the saperes (wise ones) try to get a confession out of him. But can they handle the truth? Available in print and ebook.

Check them out now.

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