Progress – November 26, 2018

Last week was a busy week. It was perfect week.

As I said last Monday, my son had come home from college for the holiday. It was great having him home (of course). He hung out with me, he hung out with his brother, we all hung out together — it was a whole holiday hang out party.

While enjoying his company, I finished the audio on For a Good Time, Call Loki and got it uploaded. That meant I also had to design the cover for that edition too. I do hope that in a couple of weeks I can report that the audiobook is available.

Meanwhile, I also started on editing the audio I recorded for Fall’s Confession. I also fixed the errata I found in Fall’s Confession and re-uploaded it.

I have a promotion coming up in a couple weeks — I will share that when during the promotion’s run time. But, it meant that I had to get some things in place. Those things included a new banner for my branding (the new banner at the top of my blog too), an on-boarding sequence for my email newsletter — something I plan on being much better with in 2019, and a reading list flowchart. I have so many people ask me for that and now it’s done.

Speaking of 2019, I also worked on my tracking spreadsheet for next year. I had to figure out what I want some of my goals to be. I actually decided to lower my daily word goal for 2019 because I want to spend some more time painting (which I set up new columns and formulas to track that) and I need to do some editing so that I can release 6 novels next year. Right now, I’m spending so much time just trying to get in my words that I don’t have time to focus on anything else. I moved my goal to something that will still stretch me, but is comfortable for me.

And, while we’re on word goals, this last week I hit my yearly word goal of 300,000 words. I also managed to keep my daily word goal streak this week, even while celebrating the holiday. Woo hoo!

Have I mentioned having to update URL pathways? Oh, yes. I feel like I had a lot of that tedious work to do this week. I swore that some of the I updated just a couple weeks ago, but they didn’t hold. Now they appear to be correct. Guess I need to pay more attention to the details of the URL and hit the save button more often. Yes, the last words there were told to me by tech support. I hope I’m not that sarcastic when advising people about their computers, but I would doubt it. *grin*

Okay, let’s look at the numbers for last week.

Fiction words written last week:  4,133 words.

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  2,795 words.

Daily word goal reached for 107 days! Weekly word goal reached for 18 weeks.

Writing month to date total:  25,064 words

Writing year to date total: 305,609 words

Drawing/painting last week: I did get some painting done, but just a few paintings started. I am really looking forward to seeing if the new goals for 2019 get me painting more. It’ll be interesting to see how my formulas work, especially since this is to work on completed paintings and I might be in the middle of painting one week where I do the most work, and finish it with a little more work the next week. So I’ve set these up with rolling formulas to push overages on my linear inches to the next week. As long as I stay current, I get the bonus of the overages. Hacking my motivation with whatever it takes.

Audio: I spent 6 and a half hours editing audio. I got the hour and a half of audio on For a Good Time, Call Loki uploaded. The time it took me to do this is not included in my hour count.