Attack of the “Ack!”

OK, I forgot to post today. I was already out of town when I remembered that I needed to do my blog.

That’s where the “Ack” comes from.

I figured, “Not a big deal. I’ll do it when I get to the hotel.”

And I get to the hotel, and my computer won’t let me connect to the Internet here. For some reason, the gnomes think that they know more about Internet security than I do. Truthfully, they probably do. But, I have tools that I use and I know they’re on my computer. I just need my computer to work. But no, the gnomes want to make sure I stay safe.

So, I can’t even upload the next part of the story. All I can do is barely make this entry on my phone. I’m sorry; I know it’s a poor substitute. I’m sure someone out there is just thinking, “Just read your story into your phone.” No thank you. Not today. I haven’t had that much coffee.

As such, just as soon as I get home on Sunday, or I find an Internet connection that the gnomes will let me connect to, I will upload the next section for you.

Stay tuned. If you’re in Boise, Idaho, come see me out at Boise Book Fest at the convention center by the Grove Hotel.

Have a fantastic adventure this weekend!