My Secret Project

Okay, it’s not so secret, except that I keep wanting to tell people about but then I don’t.

I’ve been working on getting Dragons of Wellsdeep finished up. At this point, I still have a little ways to go. I’d really like to have it done for FanX. Not sure if I’m going to make it or not. I keep distracting myself — I work on it, then I want to tell people about it so I write up a social media post or this blog, then I don’t actually hit the post button. I usually end up deleting it all out and chiding myself to get back to the book. Yes, even know I’ve got the war going on in my head telling me that I need to not post such a dorky update and to get back to the real meat and potatoes of the work — getting the book done!

Well, except this time I really do want people to know that I am writing as well as painting. I’m trying to regain my balance. Which is why I’m just hopeful of having Dragons of Wellsdeep done by FanX.

Wish me luck. No, wait! Wish me, “Have fun storming the castle,” instead cause it’ll take a miracle.