Winter in the air?

I noticed the leaves on the trees starting to change color in the middle of August. Some people told me I was crazy, even as I was pointing to the yellow leaves on the trees. Per our calendar, we have made the transition to fall, yet some areas of Idaho are going to get snow (or have snow on them). Isn’t that winter weather?

Let’s face it: the seasons do not fit into the nice calendar we have designed. The seasons do what they wish to do rather than following the desires of humans. We try so hard to control things, yet nature will follow her own rhythms. Humans: we’re so cute, we’re just not very bright.

I would have to say that today’s ACEO is inspired by this early arrival of fall. There are flowers, yet the leaves are already starting to turn yellow.

Landscape 2019-6 (ACEO)
Acrylic on Bristol Board
Dawn Blair ©2019

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