Spooky, Scary Pumpkins

Send shivers down your spine. Come on up to the house to see what treats we have.

Or maybe we only have tricks.

I painted this ACEO back in 2016, but I never got around to listing it. It would pop its head up at me every now and again — it seemed to float around my office waiting for me to finish and catalog it. I finally got it done this summer. Now, I’m so excited to finally get around to listing it on ebay.

Halloween 2016-11 (ACEO)
Acrylic on Bristol Board
Dawn Blair ©2016

If you’re willing to venture up to the house to see if it’s tricks or treats, check out my auction going on now on ebay.

In the meanwhile, I hope to get more Halloween ACEO’s prepared this year. We’ll see how that goes, since the last one took me 3 years to complete. (grin)