The Stardust Collection

The Stardust Collection has recently been released. This boxed set contains Alexander’s Den, Mystery of the Stardust Monk, and Stardust all in one nice ebook.

These stories follow the journey of an unhatched dragon egg as it passes back into the possession of another dragon, then gets chased through the galaxy by a teen who is strangely attached to it, until it finally hatches and is saved by a orphaned girl.

As is typical, there are many more stories I wish to write which tie into this. I want to tell the story of Thomis finding the egg and also the stories of Reila and Stardust roaming the Wells of the Onesong together, but I’ll start here. Moonhunter is a main character in Mystery of the Stardust Monk and he also makes a cameo appearance in Stardust. His story, Dragons of Wellsdeep, is coming soon. I love this day and age we live in where I can tell the stories I want to and to publish them as I wish. Now, I just need more time to write!