When delicious characters sparkle

Since I’m working with Cirvel in three different novels that I’m currently writing, I have really dug into his character. I feel that one of the traits that makes Cirvel such a delicious character (the kind where you want to hang out from him while you also know you should run away fast) is that he seems so open and willing to share information, but at the same time, it’s very select knowledge that he speaks.

I sometimes wonder if he does this to make people think. Let’s take the example above. Yes, he’s saying, “What purpose do they (genies) serve?” but he could equally be asking, “What purpose does a human serve?” That, for the matter, might be a more legitimate question.

The other thing about Cirvel is that he does like giving people knowledge. He is a true teacher. He has other purposes too, but I do think he runs the “school” at Gohaldinest because he enjoys it. This is a character who literally shouted me out of sound sleep to give me information. No joke! It was not even a piece of information I’d contemplated yet and I remember being inside this comfortable dream when I heard someone yelling over the top of it. If you’ve ever had someone physically wake you up, then you know exactly this sensation. Except that as I reached consciousness, I had him talking to me. I knew who it was as I became aware enough to realize it was still night and no one was present in my room. Talk about questioning your own sanity for a moment! Yet he was right: this was information I needed to know. He’d probably been trying to get it to me for some time, and shouting at me in an unconscious state was probably the only way he could get it to me.

I’ve never had another character do that, not even Loki who I would expect.

Oh, I’ve been on the verge of waking and suddenly a character will start talking to me. That’s common.

But it’s not familiar to have a character shout over the top of another completely unrelated dream.

And now, you know that Tangled Magic has something to do with genies too. It could be the light sparkling off their magical lamps which you see.

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