The power of our world

I woke up Sunday morning to read the headline of an article which stated that people were baffled by orca whales hitting the sides of boats around Spain.

Has 2020 taught us nothing?

I feel that our world has been sending us one very big, flashing neon sign of a message this year: GET OUT!

I have long told people that when Mother Nature decides to throw us off the planet, there will be nothing we can do about it. I really feel like She’s decided to start that process. Yes, start! She really has yet to begin.

We should have first taken a clue when She sent us all to our rooms with COVID. We didn’t listen. In fact, we took to the streets with violence and mayhem. There were earthquakes and fires (okay, I acknowledge that the Australian fires were first about the time COVID was becoming a worldwide issue). Hurricanes, and now orcas. Nature has gotten the clues that we are not welcome any longer.

Too long have we fought each other because of skin color or cultural differences, or for land/power. Other animals fight too, but we’re supposed to be one of the smartest, most evolved of all the animals and we can’t get over ourselves to realize that we are all out here floating on this little bubble together? Do you know how precarious our situation is? Huh? Any clue at all?

We are freaking idiots!

Worse, I feel like humanity is getting dumber all the time. We prepare our children to do standardized tests (I’m mostly talking U.S. here), but do nothing about preparing our children how to live in the real world.

It all makes me very angry. I usually try to keep my sentiments like this in my stories, let the battles play out in imagination, but I feel like it needs to be said more openly. Especially since no one is listening to the planet as She screams around us.

I am still a believer in hope. I will not stand against racism or war. I won’t be against drunk driving or smoking or drugs. I won’t live in fear against a disease. Any time you stand AGAINST something, you lend it energy. What you resist persists. Instead, I will continue to be for peace, for sobriety, for health. Those virtues are what I wish to promote here. I will continue to support kindness in humanity, beginning in myself. I will see things differently than everyone else and believe in life and energy. I will not buy into what the news tries to shove down my throat. I understand that this is all happening for a reason and I trust that power that is greater than me. Yes, I trust the process. That might be easy for me to say as I am safe right now. I am healthy, I have electricity, and I have my home. That is more than many can say right now.

But, is that because I hold a different view and outlook?

I certainly hold myself to standards that most people don’t understand these days. It’s easier to come home and have a beer, plop down in front of the television, and claim that they deserve to rest after a long day of work than it is to get home and refocus on their own passion and put in more hours on that in order to build a better tomorrow for themselves. It’s easier to get angry, raise a stick, and attack a fellow human than it is to seek out the calm and allow to live and let live.

We would all be better off if we paid attention to the space inside our own jars than trying to get the space from everyone else’s jar.

Mother Nature is only going to let us remain if we can find peace within our selves and learn to live in harmony with Her, not strip Her down of all she’s got. Nature is smart enough to replenish Herself if we can learn to listen to her cycles. She even allows us glimpses into Her secrets as our own scientific advancements. It’s not like She stands against us. No, She is clearly for our survival as well.

But not if we continue to be idiots!

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