I trust the process.

Every time I say that, it’s an affirmation that I believe in the crazy ways that I tell my stories, even if that path doesn’t make sense. Often it doesn’t until something clicks and I see a larger picture in hindsight.

I’ve been working on Walk the Path (editing stage) and The Missing Thread (writing stage) in tandem. Many events from these stories tangle together. It would have been impossible to make them fit together if I wasn’t going through them together like I am now.

I can’t tell you how excite this entire world makes me. Sacred Knight and the Onesong series are so intertwined, as they should be considering that Onesong is pretty much the prequel, and they support each other so well. It literally amazes me every time I go back to look for information or even just in the whole writing/editing phases to see how they twist together. I am grateful for these stories. I am grateful for getting to a point where I can handle the vast scope of the story and multitude of characters without fear of it falling apart or shrinking back and taming down the story to something more manageable. I’m grateful for the surprises it brings to me each time. I’m grateful that I’m not a plotter because I would have killed the energy of this story if I were.

Okay, come closer if you dare. I’m going to take a moment to pull back the curtain and show you my world right now.

I’m going to talk about The Missing Thread since it’s what I’m writing. Right now, I have several characters going down into Gohaldinest. This is Steigan’s second time being there. It’s interesting to see it through his eyes now. I won’t include spoilers here, but I will say that Steigan has more to fear now.

Get your copy.

Dragzel, a creature who is basically like a kitten-sized baby dragon, is along for the journey as well. Now Dragzel has been a part of every story. I often read Dragzel’s lines aloud as I’m writing them because I love narrating this character as well as writing him. He’s so much fun and terribly mischievous. Steigan loathes this creature and with good reason. He doesn’t understand why other people adore it. In Gohaldinest, Steigan’s friend, Ithanes, is giving Dragzel the utmost respect. I think Steigan is about to lose his cool. (grin)

Having Dragzel here is fun because Dragzel’s memories of Gohaldinest are tumultuous at best. He probably has the most knowledge of anyone in the group at this point. The things he knows…

I just got chills up my arms.

I keep reflecting back on the scene in Tangled Magic where Dragzel is guiding Rivic through Gohaldinest. There is so much information, both spoken and unspoken in that scene, that makes it fantastically delightful for me as a writer. I want to pull that essence into the scene of this group walking through Gohaldinest now, but darker and with more creepiness. It ought to feel like Halloween night. That would be a deep contrast to The Quick Highlights of the City as provided by Dragzel in Tangled Magic.

Start reading Tangled Magic now!

Well, now I’m inspired to get back to work, so off I shall be now and whisked away once more into my story. I hope you enjoyed your glimpse of what’s coming up.

Until next time, adieu!