Deep Space Omega #1

I am bringing back my free fiction. As always, this is raw draft with little editing. I don’t know where the story is going, or if it’ll even get completed on here. But it’s fun to do.

As before, the clips from this story will stay up for a limited time and then they will disappear (turn back into a pumpkin). I’m making these sections really short this time, less than 500 words so that they will be quick and easy to read. This one doesn’t even have a cover right now, so it’ll be short and sweet each time.

A speedy note about this story: I am writing Deep Space Omega as a sci-fi romance. When I’m done, I’ll be putting a pen name on it, mostly to help my readers differentiate my work. Some writers use pen names to hide work they don’t want to admit having done. I plan on being fully open about it. Yes, I already know what name I want to use, but I’m keeping it secret for now. I don’t know how long this work is going to be. Already it is approaching the original length I thought it was going to be, but I have just barely gotten into the story. I’m starting to really enjoy these characters and it’s been fun spending time with them and getting to know them. Unfortunately, I can also see a larger romance series building (somebody help me!).

Let’s do this, shall we?

Deep Space Omega (#1)

by Dawn Blair

As Jadz walked through the corridor connecting the two airlocks, she thought about how thin the passageway sounded, as if it might crumble under her feet. She stopped, feeling the sway beneath her. Her lips and forehead tighten as she decided this would be the first thing she fixed.

Emerging from the faulty tunnel onto the space station, a bright young-faced brunette with hair pulled back in a messy bun greeted her. “Jadzine?” she asked hopefully.

Jadz quickly realized the woman could only be a couple years younger than her, despite her young appearance. “Jadz,” she lightly corrected, trying not to offend. First impressions at new assignments were so critical.

The woman nodded. “I’m Mouse. Okay, really my first name is Maripsa, but everyone calls me Mouse. So, I get it.” She bobbed her head around and even gave a little roll of her eyes as she spoke with excitement. “We’ve got your quarters all ready.”

“Permission to come aboard then,” Jadz asked, holding out a little card toward Mouse.

Mouse, who had already started leading the way, glanced back over her shoulder and gave a dismissive wave. “We’ve already got your information. As for permission, you got off the ship bringing you here, didn’t you?” She laughed. “We’re a lot less formal here.”

Steely letters backlit by neon blue light on the gray metal wall read, “Deep Space Observatory.” Jadz wondered if anyone coming this far out would really have any doubt about what orbiter they had landed on. This wasn’t exactly a tropical paradise destination for tourists. There were only two reasons to be this far out: punishment or silence.  

Jadz returned the card to the front pocket of her pants. “Yeah, about that corridor… why hasn’t anyone fixed it? It feels like it’s going to fall apart under your feet when you’re walking through. It needs reinforcing badly.”

Mouse grinned from ear to ear. “Why do you think you’re here? It’s about time we get a decent engineer around here.”

“Mechanic,” Jadz corrected her again. She wouldn’t start people thinking she was more than she was.

Paying her no attention, Mouse gestured as she turned down a branching hallway. “Crew quarters are this way. We’re all on the same deck. Hopefully you’re good being close to your coworkers.”

“I was raised on a starship. Close confines like that even in space might as well be a prison”

“Never heard a United lifer talk like that,” Mouse laughed as she gave another wave for Jadz to follow her into a room.

Deep Space Omega – copyright ©2020 Dawn Blair * Published by Morning Sky Studios

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