Deep Space Omega #2

A quick note about my free fiction: this is raw draft with little editing. I don’t know where the story is going, or if it’ll even get completed on the blog. But it’s fun to do.

The clips from this story stay up for a limited time and then they will turn back into a pumpkin.

Let’s proceed, shall we?

Deep Space Omega (#2)

by Dawn Blair

The quarters were like most Jadz had seen before: bed, table, desk and chair. Except this room had something different. There was a man inside, seated at the desk. His cheeks flushed red as he dropped the tablet he’d been holding and stood up. He saluted. “Sorry… ma’am. I should have been done before you arrived. I only learned you were coming in early a few moments ago.”

Jadz watched him look for insignia on her collar, knowing he’d find none. “It’s fine, lieutenant. I’m a civilian, so I’m just happy to have United issued equipment.”

An expressive look of relief went through his face and he gave a genuine smile. “Let me know when you’re settled in and I’ll come back and finish.” He scooted around toward the door and left.

“That’s right. You don’t want to stay in my presence,” Mouse said, waving toward the closed door. “I’ve only been on him for a week to get your computer and accounts all set up. I don’t think he really believed anyone was coming until we got the inbound flight manifest. Well, here you are. Home, sweet home.”

Mouse sat down on Jadz bed as if to wait while Jadz unpacked. “Your record said this is your third transfer in less than two years.”

Jadz bit down on the inside of her lip, wondering if she’d been a topic for conversation and scrutiny before even arriving. At length, she responded, “Yeah.” No point in denying it.

“Didn’t have any red flags in your file, or signs that you’re disruptive and need to be sent away from the human population. Way I see it, you either are running from your last boyfriend or you really have a thing for astronomers. You wouldn’t come out to the Big O if it weren’t one of those reasons.”

“Big O?”

Mouse held up her arms to indicate everything around them. “This place, the DSO.”

“Ah, Deep Space Observatory.”

Mouse laughed, clearly mocking Jadz. “No. Deep Space Omega. That’s what we call the O around here. You are at the last spot in the world, no, the universe. Nobody comes out this far. Nobody. Heck, we once had space raiders try to overtake the station. They came aboard to take us over and they hightailed it out of here leaving us with supplies.” She scoffed again. “Imagine that, feeling so sorry for the people you just tried to raid that you take pity on them.”

Deep Space Omega – copyright ©2020 Dawn Blair * Published by Morning Sky Studios

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