Deep Space Omega #4

A quick note about my free fiction: this is raw draft with little editing. I don’t know where the story is going, or if it’ll even get completed on the blog. But it’s fun to do.

The clips from this story stay up for a limited time and then they will turn back into a pumpkin. Those available at the time I’m writing this are:

Part 1

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Part 3

Let’s proceed, shall we?

Deep Space Omega (#4)

by Dawn Blair

“How many people are here now?” Jadz thought this might be a good time to change the subject.

“The station is meant to be run with minimal crew since it would be mostly astronomers. There’s usually one United officer here, and they generally sleep a lot, along with a communications person to help run things. Right now, we’ve got seven astronomers, me, and you.”

“Does that make you the communications officer?”

“You got it. See how I did that? I communicated my position to you without actually telling you in words.” She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned. “I’m good.”

“I see that.” Jadz took a moment to enjoy the revelry of a new friend before putting her hands on her hips trying to take the same commanding stance her father had for many years. “But I don’t want my story being communicated to all the astronomers here.”

Mouse overlapped her hands on her heart and fell backwards on the bed. “Oh, you wound me!”

“I’d rather have them keep their eyes on the stars rather than me.”

“Oh, see? You’re sharp. Yeah, you’re going to do just fine here.” Mouse sat up, then stood. “Well, I guess there’s nothing left for me to do here. I’m sure you want to unpack, settle in, and explore the three centimeters of space we have here. Don’t worry, I think I can find my way out.”

Jadz watched Mouse as she started to leave and found herself wishing the other woman wouldn’t leave. It was nice to have someone to talk to. “Hey, Mouse, he was a commander.”

Mouse opened the door before turning. “See? I knew it. You’ll tell me more. I’m good at communicating.”

After Mouse had stepped backwards out into the corridor and shut the door, Jadz found herself smiling. This place might be at the end of the universe, but it was exactly where she needed to be.

Deep Space Omega – copyright ©2020 Dawn Blair * Published by Morning Sky Studios

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