Progress bar updates

That nifty little progress bar which I added a couple weeks ago has been updated with new items.

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It always seems like it is when I wake up in the morning that I have really good ideas. I do think a section of my brain just works on things all night long and gives me really strange dreams to keep the rest of my brain entertained.

As it happens, I was waking up one morning and had the thought that I should add my narration progress to the bar. This way, my readers who like to listen to their books also have an idea of where things are. Yes, I get asked when the next audiobook is coming out almost as frequently as the next book.

So there you have it.

I wish I could be further along with For More Mischief, Call Loki as well as Indigo Travelers and the Dragon’s Blood Sword by Merri Halma, but the last half of summer and so far this fall have not gone as planned. All I have to do on the Loki book is record final punch-ins to correct a few things, but due to all the wildfires in California, Oregon, and those closer to home, the smoke in the air has made my throat too raw to record even those simple things. Then there are some much needed house repairs that have been screaming for my attention and I’d like to get them done before the weather turns too cold. Plumbing issues didn’t wait. My house is nearly 80 years old and the plumber last week pulled out 30 years worth of roots from my pipes. The roots were so thick they were like sponges. But, this week I get a new cleanout put onto my pipe which will allow for a snake to be run through this part of the pipes. Obviously someone before me had to open up the pipes because there was a nice hole already there for us, but they just never added the cleanout. Next comes some electrical work that also is getting in dire need. After that, I can put in new flooring and after that it’ll seem like a new house again. Then I can start saving up for the bathroom and kitchen remodel which needs to happen.

Well, I best get back to it instead of merely ruminating on all that needs to be done.