Deep Space Omega #11

A quick note about my free fiction: this is raw draft with little editing. I don’t know where the story is going, or if it’ll even get completed on the blog. But it’s fun to do.

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Let’s proceed, shall we?

Deep Space Omega (#11)

by Dawn Blair

“We think one of the hits penetrated it enough to depressurize it. He was still conscious when we brought him onboard, pounding at the glass to get out,” the astronomer explained.

Jadz pulled the cutting torch from around her and fired it up. “Stand back. This is going to spark.”

She went along the sems of the life pod hoping that these lines would be where the metal was the weakest. Without protective goggles, she had to cut at a strange angle. Still, every now and then she had to stop put out sparks on her clothes. A couple of sparking cinders singed the skin of her forearms.

With only vague awareness, she realized that if the larger ship had plowed into the space station, she’d be floating in space right now. That meant they were hovering outside in space. One dilemma at a time.

She sliced across the top, hoping to line up with one of the hinges that must be on the inside.

“Okay, try lifting it up,” she said. “Careful, parts of it may still be hot.”

It took a moment for the men to summon the courage to put their hands on it, but when they did and they pushed together, the dissected section swung upwards.

The body didn’t move.

The astronomer who had been piloting drew close and took the man’s arm to feel for a pulse. “He’s alive. I have first aid training. I’ll see if I can resuscitate his breathing. You’ll need to finish cutting this open so that we can take them out.”

Jadz nodded, beginning to cut away at more of the metal while the astronomer began CPR. She felt chills running up her arms, even as the blue torch sent off enough heat to make her sweat.

The man in the life pod coughed. His back arched as he drew in a ragged breath, succeeding in making him sputter more.

The astronomer put his hand on the man’s chest. “Stay still. You’re safe. Focus on breathing.”

Jadz finished cutting away the metal, but it would be too hot to lift for a few moments.

The man convulsed, slamming his knees against the pod. His eyes shot open and he tried to sit. “He’ll kill me.”

It took two of the astronomers to hold him down. “You’re all right. You’re on Deep Space Observatory.”

“No, you don’t understand. The Lion is coming!”

The astronomers all looked amongst one another. Obviously, they didn’t understand. “Lion?” one of them mouthed silently.

Deep Space Omega – copyright ©2020 Dawn Blair * Published by Morning Sky Studios

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