Help Wanted, Call Loki

Sorry, this book has been out for a while now, but I’m just now getting around to saying, “Ta-Da!”

That’s the way December and January usually go for me. Of course, the Trickster himself didn’t help with his sudden demands.

I was barely aware of finishing this book up. It was done and off to my first reader before I knew what was really going on. Then I heard Loki shout at me, “No pre-order for you!” Okay, so it was a rush to get the cover going before I got it back from my reader. After that, the book was out the door and gone. I didn’t really have a chance to put out any sort of announcement.

That’s the way Loki rolled on this book, I guess.

A quick word about this book: it is a prequel to the story arc in 1-800-CallLoki (or the 5 novellas that make up that omnibus). Now that I am free to tell the Loki stories that I originally wanted to do (or am I?), I feel like all the stories will rotate around those central 5 novellas, but they will be either in the past or the future that set. The only way to know will probably be the text at the very beginning where he announces he is either “Loki of Asgard” (before) or “Loki of Midgard” (after).

At first, I thought those block announcements might all be the same, but Loki recently told me that now that we’ve done one “before” novella (Help Wanted, Call Loki) and one “after” novella (1-800-IceBaby), that the blocks will now change and maybe have a “clue” to the story. Yeah, so much for me being in charge. (grin)

As for the next question, yes, the 8th Loki novella has been started. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Happy reading.