Protective Mythology

The community of Sun Falls is filled with strange people and creatures. Protective Mythology is my first short story set in this little homeowners community. I’m already at work on the second story in the series. I’m hoping that once I get this setting figured out a little better, I can actually write a short novel for it.

The idea for Sun Falls came into being one day when I was driving to Twin Falls. I was on the highway because the weather was bad. I much prefer traveling my back country roads. The snow had come down hard during the night. As I made the turn to head south for Twin Falls, the sign ahead of me was partially covered with snow. Instead of pointing out the directions to go for Sun Valley and Twin Falls, the snow only showed two words: Sun Falls.

Suddenly, I wanted to be out in a lovely little place where there was no snow and only sun covering everything. I could see the community all at once.

But, of course, being my story, I knew that something would be wrong. The first few hundred words or so came easily after that. Then it sat for a while. I recently came back to it when I discovered that I had 41 open projects on my list, Sun Falls being one of them. I saw myself falling down on #2 of Heinlein’s Rules and knew I had to fix that issue. This is good because not only do I get stories finished, but I get them out to readers when I do. (grin)

I’m glad to say that since I’ve decided to focus on finishing so many of my started stories, I’m now down to 35, though I have added a couple new projects, like the second Sun Falls story. And yes, that means many other cool stories are coming soon. For now, I give you Protective Mythology.

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