Is a new Loki Adventure in the future?

Let me gaze into my crystal ball and see if a new Loki short novel is coming soon.

Oh, look! There it is.

Part of the reason it took me so long to work on Sacred Knight #5 and #6 is because I was also off doing side quests in other stories. I wrote a few short stories and I got into what will be the 8th adventure in the Loki series.

With luck, I will be finishing that up this week. Yes, it is that close.

As long as Loki doesn’t have other plans for the story and decides to increase the length of it. I keep waiting for the day that one of his short novels (or novella if you prefer) actually turns into a novel. I don’t think it will be in this one. But, by far, this is one of the strangest Loki tales. I’m having a blast with it.