I’m finally through with a section of Loki’s newest adventure that was down right creeping me out.

The story called for me to make Loki into something small. Very small. I contemplated several ideas before deciding on a spider.

Yeah, that was before I had to start doing research on the type of spider I chose.


Yes, I grew up on a ranch and there were lots of spiders all over the place. But my parents instilled in me such a fear of coming across a black widow that all spiders became scary creatures to fear. Fears are always born from somewhere. A baby has no fear (which is why parents have to keep their toddlers from running out into the street). All fears are learned. I know where my fear of spiders came from.

Doesn’t help that my son and I came across the largest black widow I’ve ever seen a couple of weeks ago. She was guarding two very large egg sacks. Yeah, creepers!

I’ve been working on my fear of spiders and I’m generally okay with them if they are outside. That is where they are supposed to be. I see them in my garden all the time. Yes, please help me out with the bugs. But inside my house, that’s a whole other thing. I’ve been known to occasionally trap a spider and take it outside if I think I can do it safely. For the most part, I don’t want to kill creatures that I don’t have too (and I’ve spent far too long trapping moths that come into my house at night than I want to think about). Still, a spider inside my house is a death sentence for the most part if I can reach it. I use to have a lot of hobo spiders in my house, and I have some scary stories with them, so they don’t ever get a chance to live if I find their nasty fast butts. Wolf spiders get a pass even in my house because because I want them to go after the other spiders.

See, I’ve been working on my fears and researching.

But I never thought I’d have to do so much research for one little scene in the story. I’ve now looked at hundreds of pictures of spiders and researched more about the little eight-legged creatures than I ever thought I would.

To make it worse, I got the creepy-crawlies every time I’d mention Loki as a spider. I could feel them crawling over me. I know that they like to hide out behind my desk in my office. Fortunately, Coville (my 15-year-old black cat) likes to sit under my desk and eat spiders he finds back there, so I always hope they are cleared out before I sit down. I’ve never actually found a spider crawling on me while I’ve been working. Didn’t matter though; I’d work on this scene and I’d feel them crawling. I really think Loki was messing with me.

In the end, Loki did need to be a spider in this scene and it worked out really well.

I’m glad I’m done with the scene. May I never have to turn Loki into a spider again.

P.S. In the middle of writing this scene, I had to open a new document and start the 9th Loki Adventure. Yep, I now know how the next story begins. Boy is it a doozy.

P.S.S. It has nothing to do with spiders. At least not yet.