Better day – better today

Happy, bright morning to you all.

I’m going to try to keep it short this morning, since yesterday was very cathartic for me. I’ve been working on my mindset this week and that was one of the repetitive thoughts going around in my head I really needed to flip to work for me, not against me.

I’m sure some people saw it as whining: what’s a middle class, middle aged white woman worrying all up about how her father reacted over her grades when she was a girl? She don’t know nothing about true suffering.

Yes, very true. And I am very often thankful about that. I have not endured many things others have.

Still, I think a lot of us find ourselves reliving the hurts we suffered in our past. That was my “I’m not good enough” core. I watch many people who suffer from “I’m not good enough” but they do nothing to find out what caused it or even attempt to dig it out. Thus, they stay stuck.

I want to make today a better day than yesterday. I was not good enough yesterday, so I worked on my mindset. I will work on it again today. Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow, I will look back on today and see that I was still not good enough. I keep growing.

If any of this resonates with you, I urge you to start/continue/maintain your own growth. Find mentors who can help you. I have several mentors for different areas of my life. I just found out that Bob Proctor (my mindset mentor who I keep returning to for assistance) is releasing a book tomorrow about changing your paradigms. I share it with you. The link is an affiliate link, but costs you nothing extra to click it or to buy the book from there. I purchased the book in hardback and I fully expect to read it so many times, highlight passages, and dogear pages, that I will need to someday put a thick rubber band around it to hold it together.

Now I have a lot I want to accomplish today, so I better get back to it.