Updating Loki

I spent most of yesterday and this morning getting ready for FanX in Salt Lake City. I can’t believe that it’s like 4 measly little weeks away. Business cards are updated and ordered — after my last show, I am nearly out. It’s not a good thing to be at a show like FanX and not have business cards, especially with the reading order of your books on back. (grin) I also am ordering a new banner(s). This is a project currently being worked on and my son and I are trying to figure a few things out. Mostly ease versus versatility logistics. Yeah, still a work in process that one.

There were various issues all throughout the Loki series. I’ve gone back and updated all the books to correct these things. I do enjoy being able to fix forward. I’ve recorded fixes for the audiobooks too, but I haven’t got them merged in and uploaded yet. That’s going to be a learning experience, I’m sure.

Best get back to it. Onward!