Second hit of the reset button

I’ve been slowly getting back to narrating. It got challenging last year with all the smoke in the air and I’m very sensitive to smoke, so it was making my throat raw. I certainly wasn’t going to do anything to hurt my voice, so I stopped. Unfortunately, that allowed life to get in the way.

I had to just tell myself to stop feeling guilty about not recording and editing and just reset.

Of course, that first hit of the reset button met with nearly instantaneous and brilliant failure. There’s nothing like getting back up on the horse only to be immediately bucked right back off by life and smoke moving in from this year’s fires.

However, so far we haven’t had wildfires close to us this year, so my throat hasn’t been getting as sore as last year. So, I hit the reset button again. This time backed with a schedule.

I also pulled up some of the podcasts I listen to about voice overs. Crispin Freeman with his Voice Over Mastery podcast is one of my favorites. I haven’t listened for a while, so when I jumped back in it was at his 10th Anniversary podcast. He has so many great quotes. I suggest that if you are creative in any way, you jump over and listen to part 1 of his 2 part anniversary podcast (that’s where the link goes to). Okay, I listened to it twice, the second time just to take notes. So much of it can be shifted to adapt to the different arts.

Also, I went today to the first meeting for the adult anime club at the local library. I just wanted to hang out with others who love anime. We watched Your Name, which I’ve seen a few times, but each time I do, I get something new from it. I am hoping that as time goes on and we get to know each other better, we can get to talking about things in depth, like the creators and the voice actors. We’ll see what happens though. I won’t make their next meeting because I’ll be at FanX, but I’ll go again in October. It’s nice to have this sort of gathering starting in town and will expose me to anime I might not ordinarily watch. That means I can listen for performances which will help me grow. I’m very excited. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long. I know the time will go by fast.

Well, I want to get this posted and get back to work on Loki. I’m hoping to finish the story soon. With luck, that will be tomorrow. Then I can get to work on edits for The Missing Thread. I really would like to have it done in time for FanX, but I feel the time growing extremely short with it. So I best get to it.