Broken quiet

Desperately trying to write my blog for the day. Two hours I’ve sat here.

Researching – what do I write about tethered with “OMG, my life is so boring.”

Eating honey gram crackers – I am blessed, doubly so because Merlin wants half of my gram crackers. When Kreeli wakes up to the sound of Merlin’s munching, she wants some too. I think they eat all the calories for me. Right? That’s got to be the way it works. Now the package is empty.

Kreeli getting water – grunting and groaning, the 15-year-old pup makes her way to the water bowl and laps away. She might be swimming. Hard to tell.

Dinging of the bells – Now that Merlin has eaten, he wants to go outside. I hear his nose gently bump the bells on the door to let me know he wants out. I think he’s lying. He probably wants to go see if the dog that was out there this morning is still out there. Hint: the runaway was still out there roaming the neighborhood. Shhh! Don’t tell Merlin.

Laugher – kids are coming home from school. The quiet neighborhood is broken by the sounds of their laughter, squeals, and loud conversation. A few minutes go by and the neighborhood is quiet again. I’m sure they’ll be back this evening as they head somewhere else.

Kreeli snoring – back to sleep she goes.

I have typed, so now I must be onto my next project.

Computer goes to sleep.