Coffee or squirrels: pick your poison

With the 8th Loki adventure written, I got back to work on Palladium today.

I was pretty excited about it not only because… well, writing is always fun, but because I had a new coffee to help inspire the mood.

I found this at Albertsons earlier this week. I’d originally gone over there because I was looking for Green Mountain Lake and Lodge (which I didn’t find in my quest to a few different stores). But this intrigued me. I had no idea how it was going to taste, but I like coconut and I enjoy turmeric as a spice. I know several people who take turmeric as a capsule to help joint pain, but it actually makes me hurt worse so I don’t take it any more and just the spice.

This coffee, for being a store brand, was actually pretty good. And that’s excellent because I also picked up some of the Buttery Caramel flavor which I haven’t tried yet. I haven’t been able to pull myself away from this coffee yet. (grin)

I’ve also been working hard at editing The Missing Thread the last couple of days, so other things have fallen by the wayside so I could focus on this. I looked at the calendar and realized how little time I had to get it done if I wanted to have copies at FanX in a few weeks. That meant: Yikes, I better hurry! I think I did something really dumb and I may have cost myself more time that I thought I’d save, but I don’t want to go into it here and now. I still have to see what the final result is, so there’s no use putting out negative thoughts when my worries might not be real.

I did get to sit outside and work for a bit. Being location independent is really a nice thing about writing (and editing). My cat, Bella (named after Bellatrix Lestrange – and she fits her name), came and sat down by me. One little guy up in the tree was not happy about her being there. He wanted to move from one maple tree to another. So, after his chittering at me for several minutes, I got up and put her inside. This was his still disgruntled look after I put her in the house.

Shortly after I took this picture, he sprinted from one tree to the other. At least he didn’t start throwing things at me.

Speaking of squirrels, my son found what he thought was a baby avocado beneath his jalapeno plant this evening and he asked me if I knew what it was doing there. I figure that a squirrel probably left it there either thinking that the jalapenos are too spicy and he needs to try something sweeter, or they like the coffee grounds I sprinkle around the plants and wanted to return the gift. Yep, even the squirrels like coffee.