Me, hopeless?

I’m writing this as it’s about time for me to turn in for the night. I can’t believe the day whooshed by so quickly.

I’ve still been editing The Missing Thread all day, save for writing some new words for Palladium. I’m hoping tomorrow I can finish the edits, prepare the character list, and update the map for the book. I’m so close and yet so far. I feel the clock ticking.

Yet I remind myself that I need sleep too. Yes, it’s probably a little wrong, but I enjoy telling stories so much that I would literally do it around the clock if I could. I once wrote eighty pages of a novel in like two nights. I got about three hours of sleep. I was much younger and much stupider back then. Teenagers can do that. I’m so lucky I didn’t fall asleep on the tractor after that first night. Yeah, much stupider.

I keep telling myself one more day of pushing myself hard like this and then I can relax back into the routine. Funny how there’s still not enough time to do all that I want to do though. And even if I did have more time, I’d just fill it with more storytelling.

I might be getting a little wiser, but I’m probably hopeless.