The Missing Thread

Day 3 of editing this book. I’ve finished.

I have the map together and I just finished with the character list. 43 characters, with 13 of those being primary characters in the book. The map was easy because most of the story takes place in Dubinshire.

But if you think it was easy, guess again.

Then when I thought I was almost ready to start listing, I remembered that I still have to do the full cover and the blurb.

I swear, publishing a book has so many pieces. I’m probably whining because I’m tired. Yeah, I’m sorry.

Even in a job you love, there’s always aspects which aren’t fun. For me, it’s the piddle little things: blurb, setting up the distribution, ISBN information. (*blows raspberries*) May I never write books again that need character lists and maps! I’d rather be writing.

I did go out and pulled weeds today. That was therapeutic. It gets me moving so I’m not sitting all day and gives me a way to clear my head. Crappy though that pulling weeds feels like a reward. There I go again.

Back to the salt mines.