It’s here!

Yes, you knew it was coming, all you smart readers out there, you!

The Missing Thread is available. I won’t wait. I’ll give you the link

If you waited around for the next paragraph, then let me say that the print book is out and available through Amazon. I don’t have it up in my Etsy store yet. That probably won’t happen until after FanX. If you are going to FanX and want a book (or several *grin*) I’m going to be in A604.

Now, those of you looking for the ebook, it is coming out right before FanX on September 14th. Honestly, that’s about the time when I’m getting my print books in, so anyone ordering a physical copy on Amazon via Prime will probably have it before I do. What fun.

So, yes, print book available now on Amazon, ebooks everywhere will be coming out on September 14th.

Now might be a great time to supplement your adventure with The Unicorn and the Secret if you haven’t read that yet. Some of that story plays into The Missing Thread and the next book. Um, yeah, I thought I was going to mention the next book, but I have an issue with it I need to fix first. Ha, joke’s on me with that one. Yeah. Um, well… ’nuff said. And we’re moving on.

One more thing, I do want to mention that with the pre-order of the ebook, it is currently $3.99. The price will change after release to the normal price of $4.99. I wanted to reward those people who have been patiently waiting for this book. So pre-order it now. Thank you for being a reader!

And we are one step closer to the end of this adventure.

Don’t worry though. I have many more coming.