Painting starts

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I’ve been in the painting mood lately. I’m certain there is a rhythm to the ups and downs of my creative tendencies, but I’ve never sat down to figure them out. Maybe I should.

Along with working on Palladium today (writing), I prepared several blocked in paintings which I will develop over the next few days. I thought they might be fun to show off today.

There were actually 7 starts, but one was a painting I started yesterday, and then worked on today, messed up badly, and started in a different direction with it. Maybe when it isn’t a muddy blob, I’ll show that one, which is not shown in these 6.

6 starts – uncompleted
6″ x 4″ acrylic on Bristol Board
©2021 Dawn Blair

Remember, these are not finished paintings. Just starts. There’s a lot more work to be done. It give me a starting place to work and grow from there.

There is always the possibility, like the other start, that something will go way wrong and I’ll recycle the whole painting. It happens more times than I like to think about. But that’s why it’s practice and why I’m working on several smaller paintings. Each one teaches me something. 4 of these paintings all started out with the same colors in the same order in the same setup on the canvas. Each one blended differently. I learned a lot by just trying to get the same effects. I won’t say which one I was aiming for because it doesn’t really matter and because I still want to experiment. It doesn’t negate the value of any of the others. I got to learn and play with each one.

It makes me so excited to see my understanding of painting growing.

Off to have more fun now.