Apparently it was my anniversary

Yesterday when I logged in to write my blog, a notification popped up I wasn’t expecting. Yep, it was my anniversary with WordPress.

So it looks like I’ve been writing this WordPress blog for 13 years. That means I started in 2008. I honestly wasn’t keeping track. I’m glad they were.

I had to go and look at how many blogs I’d posted. At that time, it was 912. This post actually makes number 914. So I took the 912 posts and divided by 13 to find out that I’ve done an average of 70.153 blogs per year. Average. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get on these streaks where I blog regularly, and then there will be months of nothing, or scant little. (I have this image in my mind of the little bikini of armor that busty women are wearing in cliché fantasy pictures, but that probably means that my sense of humor needs to get some sleep, but yeah, it seems like that – poorly thought out and inconsistent.) Still, for the blog, that’s more than a post a week. So I gave myself a smidgen of credit for that.

So where was I back then? I was writing and drawing comics back then. 2007 was when I really started to get into that, especially with my Weblinks comic because I was using that as weekly drawing practice. I was going to give a web address, but it looks like when Wix changed their blogging system (which caused havoc with my books), it also destroyed my Weblinks comic. Rockin’ Life is still there, but Weblinks… well, the connections that bind are no longer doing that. (Yep, that my sense of humor demanding sleep now.) Anyway, I was drawing and working on art because writing was going nowhere at the time. I didn’t even have Quest for the Three Books out until 2011. So that shows how far I’ve come since starting this blog.

It makes me wonder where I’ll be in the next 13 years.

I look forward to getting up to 20, 25, 30 years. That’ll be exciting.

Well, I guess I better go add fixing Weblinks on my site to the list for next week. It always seems that just when I get one thing going, I find something else is broken. Sigh.

Or, maybe it’s time to let things fade off into the past so new challenges can be accepted.

Hmm… I guess I’ll have to think about that.