Busy day

Wanted to post because I have a small streak going with the daily blog and I don’t want to break it just because it’s been an unstructured day.

Today got off to a strange start and just felt backwards because I had some things to get done in the late morning. I knew that trying to write when I knew that I had to be somewhere was going to be a distraction, so I occupied myself in other ways instead, things that I usually do later in the day. Then I went to my meeting and got a chance to visit with my oldest son for a bit. It meant that I didn’t even get to start writing until late this afternoon after I got home and had unwound a bit.

I was partially distracted by the arrival of my new banner for FanX. I bought one a couple years ago, but it was too large. This one is shorter and a little different, so I was excited to see it. It looks great. Now I just have to make a stand to hold it, an then a pole for the bottom to hold laminated prints.

That’s all I’ve got for now.