Work in Progress – online store

I’ve spent the day working on a new online store and remote point of sale system. Almost ten and a half hours.

It’s hard because when I’m out at a show, I have special discounts on items, while I need individual items for things like my smaller artwork on my website but I don’t want to have to go hunting for a piece while I’m at a show so I want to handle it differently. If that doesn’t make sense, blame it on brain burnout. That’s what happens when I get so inside the structure of something. It gets hard to be left-brained and communicate at that point.

While I’m set up for the show this weekend, the website is going to take a little longer. I do hope that it makes ordering easier. If it works well, I’ll be switching over one of my websites in October. I certainly think it’ll make all the work I do for updating books on my website will be easier. But I still have a lot of testing to do to make sure this works for me.

Anyway, I’m tired and my eyes are dry. I think it’s time to go get some sleep.

Good night!