I’m not a big fan of waiting. I think it’s my astrological sign.

Right now, it’s raining outside and we have scattered thunderstorms. And wind. Did I mention the wind? I’m not a big fan of whooshing wind (probably why I don’t live where they have hurricanes or tornados). I’m supposed to be out setting up for the Highway 93 Fall Outdoor Vendor Show. But not in this weather.

It’s supposed to get better about 6 tonight, definitely by 7. I’d like to at least get my canopy and my mesh panels up tonight if nothing else. I’m hoping I can go out soon and get that much done. I’m waiting for now.

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to fill my time with being productive. I thought I’d do this blog now so I don’t have to worry about it later when I’m tired (and possibly wet). This is one of the problems with outdoor shows. Mother Nature isn’t always kind. I’ve done shows with wind and rain. One show I was at rained buckets. I kept having to knock it kindly off my tent. Fortunately, I was vending with a friend who had actually looked at the weather before heading out to the show that day (Who would do that? And there shows my astrological sign again!) She suggested we put our booths together to better protect our items from the rain. What a girl!

At this moment in time, I doubting that this storm is going to let up enough for me to go setup. See? Waiting just makes me anxious and doubtful.

If you are planning on coming out to the show, the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm. A beautiful day. Tomorrow I have no doubt that I’ll be in a very wonderful place. If you’d like to see the place, here’s a few website with a few pictures: https://mountainviewbarnidaho.com/ and be sure to check out the history tab. They don’t have pictures of the landscape out there, but as an old ranch gal, this place warms my heart and has a feel of home.

Well, the rain has fizzled out and the wind seems to be dying down. Maybe this is my chance.

If not, maybe I’ll go write for a bit. There’s always something to be done.

But I know I’m just filling my time waiting.