Beautiful day

I didn’t make it out to setup last night after I finished my blog. Well, technically, I did go out there, but my gut just wouldn’t let me setup. I decided, very disgruntledly, to trust my instincts and not setup last night.

That made this morning an early morning.

There was fog — didn’t look foggy as I left the house, but once I was out in the country, I could see it. The sun was a bright red ball as it came up over the mountains. It really was beautiful and amazing. We have such a miraculous world, truely.

Then the bright red ball in the sky disappeared. Then the road dang near disappeared. I had to have been doing 10 miles an hour or less as I drove out there. Good thing I know the way and I didn’t have to go far once I hit the immensely thick wall of clouds. Wow.

Once I was out there, the fog didn’t seem bad at all. We got setup and my son went back to town to get us some breakfast.

It was a wonderful show day and I met lots of great people. It really was fantastic and the weather was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for better.

Back at it again tomorrow from 10-4. I’m hoping I can get some writing in before I go. As for the moment, I haven’t had a chance to get fiction words done, so that’s next on my list once I finish here.

Tomorrow, as you’re going about your day, please take a moment to stop and look around (preferably outside if you can). Find someone, something, that just radiates joy and take a moment to enjoy it. We need more of that. (And that goes as a shout-out to Raven who gave out flowers to lots of people coming to the show and passing them out to the vendors at the show. She was such a bright light and I enjoyed watching her walk around and make people light up as she went. I wish we had more of her in the world.)