Flat out tired

I’m tired. Obviously. I’ve now said so twice. If you’d been watching me, you would have noticed that I just yawned.

I didn’t get my writing done before the show today. I might have to be kind with myself today and let this blog fill most of my daily word count. I managed to not do that yesterday, but today is a different ball game. I’ll probably have to be kind to me.

Good show, but now I’m done. I have a lot to do in the next two days. More than I want to think about getting done. I’d love to go catch a little nap and then write some, but I’m afraid that once I lie down, I’m going to be down for the count.

I had a brilliant tri-tip steak sandwich today. OMG. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. I was planning on getting the hamburger until I got in line and the guy cooking said that he had tri-tip that just needed heated up if anyone wanted some. I told him he was speaking my language.

As always, I met some cool people and got a chance to visit with other vendors I already knew. Good times.

Well, I best be moving on with the evening. Still a few more things to do before I can knock off for sleep and my fingers are starting to not cooperate, so I better hurry and get my stuff done.

Until tomorrow!