Finish line!

The last day to get things accomplished. Some things didn’t get done, but everything that needed done was finished. I hope my garden makes it through. I still hope to get a couple more weeks out of it even though I can feel the weather cooling down. I’m not ready for winter. I’d be happy with a nice long fall.

The dogs were so happy to be at their boarding place, though it’s been two years since the dogs were there and Merlin wasn’t certain about being it. He remembered, but wasn’t sure. He certainly went to the girl that came out to collect him easily enough though. I hope Kreeli is okay. At 15, she’s gotten quite frail. However, she was excited to be there too. When we first got into the car, she thought she was going to the vet, so she moped for most of the car ride. Only once we stopped and she heard the other dogs barking did she get very excited.

My son just couldn’t wait to get reading The Missing Thread. Here he is trying to get a sneak peek.

Hard to keep him on task when he’s trying to read. He only got the zucchini bread made and told me the cucumber bread which we were going to try was going to have to wait. Can you believe that?

We didn’t quite make it in time to setup today, so we have to head out early tomorrow to get that done. I still have words to write, so I’m going to go get that done now. See you from FanX tomorrow!