Everyone’s home

We’re all back from FanX.

The cats are happy to have us home. The dogs are glad to be home, although they certainly love the place where they get boarded. Merlin started whining with excitement as we got within a couple blocks of the house and he recognized the neighborhood. Right now he’s curled up under the blankets taking a nap with my son. I think they are both wiped out.

Kreeli is napping down by my desk. She was ready to get back to being office dog as soon as she got home. “Back to work, lady!” Yeah, so here I am writing my blog for the day. She’s such a task master.

I think everyone in my family had a good time. It was kind of a quiet trip home because we were tired. And, my throat is sore from talking to people through my mask all weekend. I’m ready for some tea.

It’ll probably be a couple of quiet days. I plan on being gentle on myself and my throat for the next day or so just to recuperate. It’s been a long week in-between two show weekends.

My garden made it. Everything looks nice and healthy. We did have a good rain today, so maybe that helped. Everything was soaked when we got home. I also have a lot of pine needles on the ground, but I’ll wait a bit before going out and raking them all up.

The header for the post above is a picture of some amazing clouds I got to see today. This was as we were putting all the stuff from the show away. I thought they were fascinating because of the dark shadows on the top of the cloud, like at the peak. It’s not often that shadows are seen there.

As we were driving home today, there were some low clouds hanging down in the valley just as we were coming out of one of the storms. Very cool looking. I didn’t take a picture then (driving on the highway and all) nor did I have my son take a picture because I would have had 50 instead of 2 or 3.

Well, I still have several things to get done tonight before I go to bed, so I’m going to head off. That office dog reminding me of work waiting for me. So, until next time, cheers!