Weather is a changin’

Life would be good if it wasn’t coming at me like a sideways freight train.

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to get a new roof put on my garage. I figured I’d give them a call today (this was last week), but today I decided I’d just take it easy and not worry about anything. After two weekends of shows and a non-stop week in-between, I was a bit tired and I could feel myself getting run down.

So I figured I’d get up and write this morning (which I did), watch a movie (which I did), and catch a short nap (didn’t happen). Near the end of the movie, the roofing people called and said, “Tomorrow?”


Okay, I want this done and over with, so my son and I hopped to it and got things wrangled around so that the roof can get done tomorrow. Dump trip, battery in car, musical cars, pull trailer from back yard, clean up Merlin’s favorite potty spot, etc. We will have to move our cars down and around the block tomorrow morning, but I think we’re all set. Hopefully the roofers can get it all done in one day.

But that means no nap for me tomorrow either. (sad face).

I’ll tell you, I would have much rather been writing and painting today. Oh well. Some days need to be regular chore days. I just hope i get to recuperate sometime soon. I need it badly. My lungs feel like I have bronchitis settling in and with the way the weather has gotten cold and moist suddenly, I can believe that bronchitis is heading my way. I know, in this era of COVID everyone panics, but my bet is bronchitis since I haven’t had my yearly bout with it yet and it feels like that. I always seem to get struck with it when we have sudden and severe weather changes. I’d say that going from 99 degrees to 60 in 1 day counts. If I hadn’t been working on show stuff, I would have stayed out of the weather and my body might not have picked up that sudden chill. Yep, I saw this coming.

So, hopefully the day after tomorrow I can rest and relax.

Right now, I think I’m going to go find some soup to eat. After that, cuddling in some warm blankets and sleep.

Until next time, cheers!