Who needs that finger anyway?

Okay… well, today’s been a day.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was awake for about 3 hours, so I watched some educational videos and did some reading. Time well spent. I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. I just woke up after about 4 hours of sleep and felt done. If the roofing guys weren’t scheduled to show up early today, I would have gotten up to write. Instead, I just tried to fake my brain into going back to sleep.

So, I was not awake when the roofers showed up.

Merlin, however, let me know they had arrived. Good dog… I think.

Then I was saddened to hear about the death of Willie Garson. Bummer. I loved his performances in Stargate SG-1 and White Collar, two of my favorite shows to put on so I have background noise while doing other things like bookkeeping. (It mellows out part of my brain, but I usually end up watching the shows too because I love the storytelling.) Good job, sir. You will be missed.

The roofers finished and my garage looks great. Now it just needs a fresh coat of paint along with the porch. Maybe next spring.

Then I did some shopping.

Once I got home and groceries were put away, I pickled and canned all the cucumbers from my garden I picked last week before heading out to FanX. They were taking up far too much room in my fridge. We also got two jars of jalapenos pickled. I had started the project alone, but when I tried to slice the tip of my finger off, I had to call in help to finish. Take your eye off the cucumber for one second and then there’s blood. Egad.

While my son was trying to find me a bandage, I was still dealing with the water bath for the cans and pouring seasoning and brine in to the next jar all while holding a paper towel wadded against my finger. Dang finger still hurts and throbs. Typing doesn’t help, but I’m not going to stop. It is impeding so many things tonight I can’t believe it. One never knows how important the index finger is until you don’t have full and complete use of it.

I think I’m done canning now. I don’t want to can any more this year. The thrill is gone.

Then there’s some crazy lady walking around the neighborhood tonight after dark. Says she’s looking for her aunt, but she’s just wandering all over the street and walking into people’s yards. Yeah, I think the neighbor called the cops. Two of them zoomed up and down the street looking for her. I hope they find her. You can tell that the full moon is still in affect.

At least I got to enjoy some of the Belgian fudge my son picked up at FanX. That right there is heaven.

Well, I’m off to return to the short story I was working on today. I didn’t get nearly enough done this morning. I’d like to try for a bit more before my fingers screams that it’s done. With luck, tomorrow will return to a normal day without this much excitement. I’m done. I need some alone time now. (grin)